Apr 29, 2023, 8:29 AM
We signed our kids up for a free flight with the Young Eagles program. The mission of the program is to introduce and inspire kids in the world of aviation. For over 30 years, they've been giving youths age 8 - 17 their first free ride in an airplane. After chatting with the pilot and going over the plane inside and out, they got a trip in the sky they'll never forget. Sydney was even able to take control and fly for some of their trip around the area and coastline. The boys rode in back of the Cessna Skylane II, while our pilot -- who's flown over 500 kids over the past 20 years -- took them on an educational journey in the sky. Once they came back down from their high :-) they each got a flight log book and their trip recorded in it, which counts towards getting their pilot license! They also got a code for free online ground school, and a certificate. Check out to learn more about the program and look for Young Eagles events in your area!