Nestled into the Florida Keys just past Marathon, about halfway through the chain of islands, is Bahia Honda State Park.  Located on Bahia Honda Key in Monroe County, it consists of 524 acres and one of the most iconic sights in all of the Keys: the old Bahia Honda Bridge built by Henry Flagler in the early 1900's.


View of people enjoying the day at the Bahia Honda State Park in 1965.  Courtesy of

The Good

  • The views - from about half the RV campsites.  That half are waterfront, on most of which you'll back your rig up to within feet of the shoreline.  This leads to amazing sunsets, morning coffee+snorkeling, and a great space to relax while taking in the Old Bahia Honda Bridge and listening to the small waves lap against the rocks.
  • Interior sites are shielded from some of the highway noise and have a fair amount of privacy.
  • Beaches galore.  It's an island, folks.  Each waterfront area has a bit different asthetic and environment.  You may even see baby sea turtles heading out to their new home.

Baby Sea Turtles at Bahia Honda

Baby sea turtles in the caring hands of a park ranger.  Sometimes if they come out to voyage to the water during daylight, the rangers will collect them and put them in a dark space until nightfall when they more naturally and safely can enter the surf.

The Bad

  • The highway noise, especially at the waterfront sites facing west.  It can be excessive at times and while there's lower traffic at night, it's not silent by any means.  Some interior sites probably have less intrusion.
  • Not bad - but missing - is the Sandspur campground area.  Since a hurricane damaged that eastern camping area, it's been totally closed to the public for over a year.

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